The desire of starting up a new project to organise mini-cruises and events in the Gulf of Naples was born only recently, but our story begins much earlier. Riviera Cruising & Events was born in 2019 as a daughter-company of NLG (Navigazione Libera del Golfo), wanting to improve the tourism and events sector. We have in fact transformed the historical motor-ship “Patrizia” into a luxurious motor-yacht, designed to bring tourism to a unique level.

Having worked for NLG for many years, our that has many years of experience at sea, can be said to have sea water running through their veins. NLG is a historical company that has been navigating the Mediterranean waters since 1953, managed by the Aponte family. Already in the 19th century, the Apontes connected the Sorrento peninsula with the ports around the Gulf with their fleet. All this experience, passed on from generation to generation, innovating and adapting to the new needs of our customers, spurs us to do better everytime to offer an ever-better service, putting our knowledge into practice. We have spent a lot of times on the sea and we are striving to show you this blue beauty the way we see it.

Driven by passion we have always connected the land by sea and will continue to do so to ensure that the people can count on our continuity. Reliability, safety and comfort have always been keywords for us, because we are well aware of their importance. After many years of encountering every type of sea, wave and weather condition, and we can reassure you that, choosing us, you have made the best choice to get across the beautiful, big, blue and sometimes wild sea.

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